Financial Planning

Business Planning

Help pave your company’s road to success by developing a proactive and purposeful business plan to address your common workplace needs. Our goal is to provide you with consultation services that deliver comprehensive, case specific strategies to help manage your concerns and increase the efficiency of your business. Our business planning concentrations include:

Estate & Legacy Planning

Proper legacy planning and preservation is a cornerstone of any successful retirement plan. It helps ensure your wishes will be respected and your loved ones are taken care of. Legacy Planning is a multifaceted process that can be used for a variety of purposes, from helping to preserve your assets for future use, to transferring your wealth. It requires a coordinated approach that our firm is uniquely positioned to provide. We help outfit your legacy plan with the insurance products it needs to protect you and your family. From the conservation of your assets to the transfer of them, comprehensive legacy planning ensures the management of your funds will be dictated by your wishes throughout your life. There are many strategies and tools that can be utilized to help safeguard your wealth and make sure it is effectively transferred.

Retirement Planning

Achieving your retirement goals doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, for most retirees, it doesn’t happen at all. According to Statistic Brain, 5 out of every 100 people who start working at the age of 25, will be financially independent and have a work-optional lifestyle by the time they are 65 years old. What happens to the other 95%? Those that make it to retirement age will either still be stuck in the workforce or dependent on government programs, friends, relatives, or charity. This doesn’t happen because people have plans that fail. This happens because people fail to plan. Just as you can’t plot a route without knowing its destination, you can’t plan for retirement without knowing what you want it to look like. Everyone wants to be successful, but most people don’t realize accomplishing this feat is entirely up to them. Our purpose at Classic Financial is to make your retirement goals a reality. Each journey is unique, so no matter what stage you’re in, we’ll help you along the way.

Tax Planning

Perhaps one of the most important steps in planning your retirement is determining your current and future tax liability and developing strategies that can help minimize your taxes. Taxation can have a large impact on the amount of wealth you will be able to transfer to loved ones. We will help ensure your retirement plan is tailored to utilize tax advantaged programs to maximize your wealth for generations to come. 

Our proprietary financial planning software offers tax strategy reports and analysis that can minimize your tax burden and build a solid foundation, resulting in years of tax savings. If you are seeking advanced tax planning, our firm has access to unaffiliated third-party tax firms that offer the best possible support for all your retirement needs. If you already have a personal tax professional, we can also work in conjunction with them to provide tax reduction strategies.

*Classic Financial does not provide tax and/or legal advice, but will work with your attorney or independent tax or legal advisor.

Step by Step Projects

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